I am passionate about storytelling. Captivated by the magic of imagination. Inspired by creativity that dares to walk through the wardrobe.


As a child, I discovered the wonderful world of Lewis Carroll and C.S.Lewis. Then as I moved into my teenage years, I got lost within the minds of Stephen King and Charles Dickens. Those adventures encouraged me to write, daring me to pen my own tales of imagination.

I wrote for fun. I wrote for love. 

Balancing family life, 

Since then, I have chucked away the map and decided to stay.

My first professional story was published in 2010

I'm a self-proclaimed lover of libraries and second-hand bookshops. An ideal day for me would be one that is camped within these most hallowed of grounds. Within these chronicled labyrinths, humble words smash the frames in which I view the world. Daring me to see a beauty that is crying out to be explored.

I have a Masters degree in Narrative Theory, and I'm the author of two books.