A few of the things that I am up to ...

A New Book

I'm very excited to be working on a new book: a novel that merges the world of Charles Dickens into the present day. Due to be finished early 2017.

More details to follow.

Social Housing Research

I have just finished working on a report for an organisation, investigating the changing landscape of Social Housing in England. Part of its reach was to explore creative options from practitioners attempting to navigate through this uncharted territory, alongside alternative models from the early days of Housing Associations.  

Housing Ideas

I'm journeying with a group of people that is seeking to reimagine the relationships between people, community, land and purposeful work. We are endeavouring to explore how property can be used to enable an entrepreneurial and morally responsible community in a way which is sustainable socially, financially and environmentally. The hope is that participants are able to find their vocation and use it for a wider societal benefit.

Missional Entrepreneurship

I completed work with a network of churches that were looking to practically reimagine how their buildings and resources could impact the local communities they were apart of. This exciting project blended historic activism with current missional demands.  

Storytelling the future

I believe in the power of narrative, and how stories can unlock imagination for the future. Drawing upon my journey between strategic management and creative writing, I am developing a set of tools that can be used by individuals to explore personal and project development.