I love to create, innovate and value the extra-ordinary within the mundane.


I'm the author of two books, Extra Ordinary Miracles and Revival's Symphony. Currently I am working on a novel that places the world of Charles Dickens into the present day.

Alongside this, I also offer services as a ghost writer and story consultant. Helping individuals and groups craft their own story or idea. 

Project Management

I work with a UK-based organisation that seeks to explore social justice and community action. This involves the cultivation of learning, development of networks and the facilitation of ideas.



I partner with an innovation agency that incubates, creates and accelerate's ideas. Offering a creative combination of strategic management consultancy, product design, storytelling and delivery. 


For twenty-six years I have collected and researched historic material around faith and community activism. My purpose in this work is to attempt a redefinition of the term 'revival,' placing it within the context of what it means to love and its demand upon us today. 

You can read some of these findings in the books Extra Ordinary Miracles, and Revival's Symphony. I also travel to talk about these subjects in one-on-one and group discussions.

If you are interested in hearing more about these worlds,

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